Neutron Polarization in the Extremes

Topic  21
Main supervisor
E. Babcock


MLZ institution FZJ
Local supervisor 1
Rita Mezei
Local supervisor 2
Local supervisor 3
Local supervisor 4

Neutron Polarization in the Extremes

Description The polarization group at the MLZ in Garching focuses on neutron polarization methods that push the limits of instrumentation. Projects of ongoing importance in the group are in-situ 3He polarizers for hot neutrons, which could have the possibility to polarize up to 1 eV hot neutrons[1], and techniques for wide angle polarization analysis on thermal TOF spectrometers[2,3].  Other areas of interest include the shielding and stabilization of magnetic fields and magnetic systems related to neutron optics.  The groups in Garching have science interests and experience with polarized neutrons ranging from soft and hard matter to quantum phenomena and particle physics. An applicant should have a strong interest in improving polarized neutron instrumentation and a self-motivated research topic using the polarized neutron techniques.  For the next years, projects that can utilize hot neutrons/thermal neutrons are of particular interest.

[1] Zahir Salhi et al 2019 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1316 012009

[2] Jörg Voigt et al 2015 EPJ Web of Conferences 83 03016

[3] Earl Babcock et al AIP Conference Proceedings 1969 050005