PCDP – Networking

For a sake of convenience, the present list includes the most important conferences on neutron scattering, and shall not be considered as an exhaustive list for the PCDP.  The candidate is welcome to consider any international conferences that fits with the research programme, regardless of whether the core business of the conference is focussed to neutrons. Moreover, conferences of any national neutron scattering society can also be considered.

This list will be continuously update.

Next event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 21-25 August 2022

Next event in Garching, Germany, 20-23 March 2023

Next event in Boulder, Colorado, USA, 5-9 June 2022

NOBUGS 13 was originally planned on October 2020, it is postponed

Next event in Annapolis, Mayland, USA, 25-29 July 2022

Next event in Sab Sebastian, Spain, 23-27 May 2022

Next event in Lund, Sweden, 11-14 January 2022