Personal Career and Development Plan

The Personal Career Development Plan is a plan established by each recruited Fellow with his/her personal supervisor(s) (“Supervising Team”) for training activities for 24 months. It shall comprise the recruited Fellows training and career development needs (including transferable skills and meaningful exposure to both private and public sector) and scientific objectives as well as the measures foreseen to meet these objectives and a description of his/her initial training activities.

A draft is expected as a mandatory document for the application. This initial draft will accompany the selected fellow all along the research programme implementation, according to the plan indicator below.

Please note that the first four sheets of the PCDP (General Information, Overview, Secondments, Long-Term career objectives) are mandatory at the time of the submission, while the other six ones (Networking, Scientific training, Teaching and Supervision, Soft Skills, Entrepreneurship skills and Scientific publication) are not mandatory at the time of the submission.

PCDP review procedure Month
the research work plan is setup including measurable deliverables and milestones as well as generic training in soft skills 1
the project is broken down into work packages and a Gantt chart is prepared in which times for secondment are included and agreed upon with the partner organisations 1
the specific neutron techniques that the applicants have to be trained in are identified and a person responsible for the training in this technique is appointed 1
the supervising team meet with the applicant and identify soft skills where the applicant needs or wishes to obtain additional training: specific training measures offered at the host are included in the work plan 2
the individualized PCDP is finalized 3
regular meetings between the supervising team and the fellow Every 3 months
the supervising team and fellow meet together and confirm/update the overall work plan. If a need for additional training in complementary scientific/technical techniques is identified, a person at the host institute is appointed to train the fellow Every 3 months
Mid – term review 12
Final review 24