Topics and Supervisors

The list of topics and supervisors will be continuously updated during the preparation of the call.


GNeuS is aiming to maximize the output of fellows and to fit their individual needs. The research programmes will be then proposed by the fellows in a research area of their choice, based on the research fields of the MLZ-partners.

Some research topics suggested in the context of Call n.3 are listed below.

Click on the topic’s title to get more details of the type of research involved.

Main supervisor MLZ institution Title
J.Allgaier FZJ Investigating Next-Generation Hydrogel: AAP-Based Solutions for Enhanced Wound Healing
S.Förster FZJ Biomimetic collagen materials
S.Förster FZJ Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Next Generation Li-Ion Batteries
S.Förster FZJ AI-based classification of scattering patterns
C.Franz FZJ Data reduction for multi-Ei neutron time-of-flight at long-pulse sources
C.Garvey TUM Molecular scale insights in cryo- and anhydro- biology with neutron diffraction
C.Garvey TUM Local Dynamics of Model Membrane Systems probed by Neutron Spectroscopy
C.Garvey TUM Mechanistic understanding of the formation of networks in food gels
R.Georgi TUM Spin-selective detectors for quantum sensing with neutrons
A.Grzechnik FZJ High-pressure cells at MLZ
A.Ioffe FZJ High-brilliance and high-flux cold neutron source utilizing high-aspect ratio rectangular para-hydrogen moderators
M.Kruteva FZJ Scattering meets Carbon fibre production
M.Kruteva FZJ Topological glass transition: from synthetic ring polymers to DNA
R.Kumar Hereon In situ neutron imaging to study ammonia sorbents
E.Mauerhofer FZJ Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis with Neutron Time of Flight
J.F.Moulin Hereon Using machine learning methods for the analysis of neutron scattering data
T.Neuwirth TUM Simulating the magnetic domain structure of electrical steel and the resulting ultra-small-angle scattering of neutrons with respect to material properties and applied magnetic field
M.Ohl FZJ Lithium – Ion Batteries: Identifying the Perfect Polymer Electrolyte!
M.Ohl FZJ Developing High-Entropy Electrolyte for Next-Generation Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries!
M.Ohl FZJ Flexible Solid Electrolytes: Mitigating Electrode/Electrolyte Interface Challenges in Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries!
M.Ohl FZJ Mechanistic Insights into Ambient Hydrogen Storage: Electrochemical Ethylamine/Acetonitrile Redox Method!
A.Radulescu FZJ Dynamical correlation between hydration water and head group of phospholipids at different hydration levels by QENS, complemented by SANS, SAXS and light scattering and absorption methods
A.Radulescu FZJ Nanostructure-conductivity relationship in environmentally friendly hydrocarbon PEMs as an alternative to the established PFSA ionomers
T.Schrader FZJ Would you like to become a founder of a new neutron beamline? – Development of a neutron beamline for crystals with giant unit cell dimensions
T.Schrader FZJ A better mechanistic understanding of the function of newly optimized plastic digesting enzymes
C.Solis Hereon Full investigation of Advanced Engineering Materials
A.Stadler FZJ Dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins: A concerted experimental and theoretical study
A.Stadler FZJ Generating synthetic myelin-like structures for molecular neuroscience
Y.Su FZJ Neutron scattering on emergent quantum materials
P.Zakalek FZJ Development of a time-of-flight cold neutron imaging instrument for HBS


Main supervisor Field of expertise Email
Allgaier, Jürgen Soft Matter
Angst, Manuel Multifunctional materials
Babcock, Earl Neutron Polarization
Engels, Ralf Detector Technology
Förster, Stephan Soft Matter
Frielinghaus, Henrich Soft Matter
Friese, Karen Crystallography
Garvey, Christopher Biomaterials and Biotechnology
Georgii, Robert Magnetism
Grzechnik, Andrzej Instrumentation
Gutberlet, Thomas Compact neutron sources
Hofmann, Michael Materials Science
Holderer, Olaf Soft Matter
Ioffe, Alexander Instrumentation
Jochum, Johanna Magnetism and Instrumentation
Kemmerling, Günter Detector Technology
Kentzinger, Emmanuel Thin film heterostructures
Kruteva, Margarita Soft matter and biology
Kumar, Richi Energy
Lieutenant, Klaus Simulation, virtual experiments
Mauerhofer, Eric Neutron Analytics
Mühlbauer, Sebastian Magnetism
Nandi, Shibabrata Quantum Materials
Ohl, Michael Battery
Petracic, Oleg Magnetic Nanoparticles
Radulescu, Aurel Soft Matter
Rücker, Ulrich Neutron Source Technology
Schneidewind, Astrid Magnetism and Lattice Dynamics
Schrader, Tobias Biology and Polymer Science
Schulz, Michael Imaging, Materials Science
Skoulatos, Markos Materials Science
Solis, Cecilia Materials Science
Stadler, Andreas Biology, Data Analysis
Su, Yixi Magnetism
Voigt, Jörg Instrument Technology
Wuttke, Joachim Reflectivity Methods, Data Treatment
Zakalek, Paul Neutron Source Technology
Zhernenkov, Kirill Ultra Cold Neutrons