Blockcopolymer-based Li-Batteries

Topic  19
Main supervisor
S. Förster


MLZ institution FZJ
Local supervisor 1
Joachim Loos
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Blockcopolymer-based Li-Batteries


Electric mobility represents the future for individual mobility on an environmentally-friendly basis. The lithium-ion battery is considered the key technology for future electric engine systems. Lithium polymer batteries are promising materials devices, because they use a solid polymer electrolyte instead of flammable liquid electrolytes. Solid polymer electrolytes usually suffer from low ion conductivities at ambient temperature. New concepts demonstrate that high conductivities, comparable to commercial liquid electrolytes, are indeed achievable.

The proposed project will investigate new block copolymer systems that are used as solid polymer electrolytes in Li-ion batteries. The project will involve a combination of materials synthesis, materials structure characterization by neutron- and X-ray scattering as well as electron microscopy, and the assembly of real battery cells for testing.

Fellows will become familiar with the synthesis, fabrication and characterization of modern battery materials involving state-of-the-art neutron and complementary techniques, and develop a modern portfolio of skills in both academic and industrial settings.