Photo credit: Bernhard Ludewig, TUM

Secondments are periods spent by a fellow at the premises of a different hosting institutions or partner organization for research or training purposes.

The GNeuS programme actively pursues the goal to enhance awareness on the innovation-driven opportunities of neutrons for industry through the inter-sectoral, interdisciplinary and international mobility. This mobility objective will be realized through secondments at GNeuS partners (or other new partners proposed by the fellows) up to about 3 months.

A fellow’s proposed research programme may include up to three secondments with at least one mandatory secondment in a non-academic partner organisation.

Local supervisors will be appointed at each secondment and will report to the main MLZ supervisor during scheduled meetings at the secondment start and every month thereafter until the end, as well as through ad-hoc meetings in case urgent matters arise. This supervising team will work in a dynamic and flexible way allowing the research plan to be fine-tuned, if necessary.

In case the Research Project proposed by a candidate includes secondments at institutions that are not already GNeuS partner (the GNeuS partners are listed at at, for each institution that is not a GNeuS partner the candidate must submit a Letter of Commitment duly filled by an institution representative and signed by its legal representative.