Archive of the GNeuS Call N. 1.
Call open 01.11.2021
Call close 15.01.2022

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Main supervisor MLZ institution Title
E.Babcock FZJ Neutron Polarization in the Extremes
S.Förster FZJ Biomimetic collagen materials
S.Förster FZJ Blockcopolymer-based Li-Batteries
S.Förster FZJ Waterborne high-performance coatings
H.Frielinghaus FZJ Interdiffusion of polymers and water in colloids
M.Hofmann TUM Residual stresses in metal additive manufacturing
J.Jochum TUM Advanced instrumentation for magnetic excitations and diffusion – Pushing the MIEZE detector well beyond its limits
K.Lieutenant FZJ Virtual Experiments combined with Machine Learning to improve Data Evaluation of SANS Measurements
K.Lieutenant FZJ Virtual Neutron Scattering Experiments at MLZ and other Facilities
E.Mauerhofer FZJ Non-destructive characterization of magnets with fast neutrons
S.Mühlbauer TUM Quench Safety and Quench Protection of Metal-Insulated Superconducting Coils for the Next Generation Sample Environment Magnets
A.Radulescu FZJ Dynamics and Structure Formation in Bioflocculation Processes
A.Radulescu FZJ Investigations of multispecies aerosol formation using small angle neutron scattering technique
A.Radulescu FZJ Polysaccharide-based microgels and nanogels for the food sector
A.Radulescu FZJ Structure of complex fluids in extensional flow
U.Rücker FZJ Low dimensional cold moderator systems
C.Solis Hereon Full investigation of Advanced Engineering Materials
Y.Su FZJ Emergent phenomena in topological quantum materials
P.Zakalek FZJ Target-Moderator-Reflector optimization for High-current Accelerator-based Neutron Sources