Archive of the GNeuS Call N. 2.
Call open 01.11.2022
Call close 18.01.2023

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Main supervisor MLZ institution Title
E.Babcock FZJ Neutron Polarization in the Extremes
E.Babcock FZJ Towards Polarization Analysis for Quasi Elastic Neutron Scattering (PA-QENS)
S.Förster FZJ Biomimetic collagen materials
S.Förster FZJ Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Next Generation Li-Ion Batteries
C.Franz FZJ Data reduction for multi-Ei neutron time-of-flight at long-pulse sources
C.Garvey TUM Spinning edible fibres from plant polysaccharides
C.Garvey TUM Local Dynamics of Model Membrane Systems probed by Neutron Spectroscopy
J.Jochum TUM Advanced instrumentation for magnetic excitations and diffusion – Pushing the MIEZE detector well beyond its limits
K.Lieutenant FZJ Performance study of promising hydrogen storage materials using neutron scattering
S. Mühlbauer TUM Signature of defect-induced symmetry breaking in magnetic neutron scattering
M.Ohl FZJ Lithium – Ion Batteries: a microscopic view!
A.Radulescu FZJ Investigations of multispecies aerosol formation using small angle neutron scattering technique
U.Ruecker FZJ Compact Moderator-Reflector Assembly for Very Cold Neutrons
A.Schneidewind FZJ Designing a new primary spectrometer for the cold TAS PANDA
A.Schneidewind FZJ Data analysis on complex spectroscopy data
T.Schrader FZJ UV-visible Microspectroscopy at the instrument BIODIFF
M.Schulz TUM Additive manufacturing – Studying the effect of non-ideal process parameters on defect evolution and mechanical properties using neutron imaging and classical approaches
A.Stadler FZJ Dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins: A concerted experimental and theoretical study
M.Stekiel FZJ Understanding multiferroic properties of TbFeO3 by studying its magnetic excitations
Y.Su FZJ Neutron scattering on emergent quantum materials