Data analysis on complex spectroscopy data

Topic  35
Main supervisor A.Schneidewind (
MLZ institution FZJ
Local supervisor 1 Christian Mammen
Institution JJ-X ray
Local supervisor 2 K.Schmalzl
Institution Institute Laue-Langevin
Local supervisor 3
Local supervisor 4
Title Data analysis on complex spectroscopy data
Description PANDA is the cold three-axis spectrometer (TAS) at MLZ, located in the experimental hall and successfully operated since 2005. The spectrometer is focused on answering questions in the fields of condensed matter physics, magnetism and exotic forms of superconductivity. With BAMBUS, a multipexing analyzer-detector-system as an option for the secondary spectrometer, and an AI-tool for optimizing the use of beamtime in mapping mode, non-standard data sets will be produced in future in contrast to const.-q or const.-E scans. The analysis of these data is related to the analysis of TOF data, but different in complexity. We would like to develop an open-source analysis tool for multiplexing TAS instruments which will work for BAMBUS, CAMEA at PSI Villigen, IN12 at ILL Grenoble and others, integrated in each of the instrument environment. The tool shall give the users working at all of these instruments similar “look-and-feel” in addition to optimizing this kind of data analysis for TAS-like measurements. Therefore, a high degree of cooperation with the instrument groups of CAMEA, IN12 and also BIFROST at ESS Lund will be part of the project, as well as cooperation within the MLZ.