Topic  23
Main supervisor S.Förster (
MLZ institution FZJ
Local supervisor 1 tbd
Institution XENOCS
Local supervisor 2
Local supervisor 3
Local supervisor 4
Title Towards Polarization Analysis for Quasi Elastic Neutron Scattering (PA-QENS)
Description High-throughput SANS instruments such as KWS-1 and KWS-2 produce 2D-SANS images at high rate. The SANS-patterns may be complex such that a detailed data analysis will only be possible after the experiments.

The project will develop a machine-learning based software that recognizes and classifies a large number of classes of the most common structures with their isotropic and anisotropic SANS-patterns. After classification, the software will further allow to model the data with 2D- or 1D-fits using GPUs for rapid calculations. The project will be conducted with XENOCS, a company that sells X-ray equipment where a large number of small-angle data have to be analyzed.

Students will become familiar with the software development and machine learning tools, and develop a modern portfolio of skills in both academic and industrial settings.